On the average, an individual spends eight(8) hours on the job. If you are running your own business especially as a start up, you are likely to spend more time on it. Therefore it is very frustrating if you find yourself on a job that you don’t have love for. It is critical for you to make a well informed decision in the pursuit your career.

You have alot of enumerable resources (potentials) deposited in you by your creator because none of us came empty. Hence as you journey in life it is acutely critical you discover these resources (potentials), refine them and articulate them effectively to solving the problems around you in your time on Earth.

Specifically discovering yourself in the direction of your potentials would give a sense of purpose and direction to your life and making your career decisions would not be an issue.

Alot of us are trapped in jobs and career paths that literally suffocate us because our motivation to pursue those career paths were external like money instead of internal factors such as our potentials.

In making your career decision, look from within to the outward; consider what you can do to the problems those abilities can solve before even considering the job opportunities available.

Ask yourself, who are you? What do you desire to do?what can you do? What are you good at? Can you handle the challenges associated with what you want to do?

One very important factor to consider in making your career decision is to consider the occupational hazards of your career and carefully consider if u can handle them. If not they would be the very things that would frustrate you in pursuing that career path.

Making career decisions should not be done haphazardly but carefully. Your life can literally become a living hell by not been fulfilled in life if you do not make a well informed career choice.

Bederu Hanson (WILNET)

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