We will be limiting the institution of Leadership if we define it to only mean directing and guiding others to achieve specific goals. Leadership surpasses that, it eludes mere ceremonial functions. It is the stool upon which the very sacred aspirations of a people are extolled, the emblem that unifies their spiritual yearnings and a bridge that reaches the world of unborn generations, providing progressive focus for solving and meeting human ends. It it represents the future of a people and everything they stand for.

Leadership provides the glue that firmly holds divergent values, ideas and dreams together while consciously, instituting a collective agenda that meets the comprehensive needs of its people.

Without Leadership, the most relevant ideas will remain fragments of a blotched conception, like remnants of chaff, it will be tossed and scattered in the subconscious of disappointed minds.

If ever there was a divine intervention in the social affairs of men, then it was when men rallied together to give themselves a leader who will not only maintain order but also provide the most sacred nuggets of counsel, visions and above all, a sense of direction and strength.

Leaders symbolize the very hopes, dreams and aspirations of their people. Leaders are in themselves among many things, the soul, the fabric and the forge that binds an otherwise disorganized people to a common destiny.

Leadership development is crucial for ushering society into a new paradigm of leadership culture, it provides the most fertile grounds for nourishing budding leaders and idealists and providing them with sound foundational principles that will guide their growth.

Some schools of thought says that leaders are born and others argue otherwise. Whatever the spectrum is, leaders need conscious mentoring, grooming and training in order to meet the ever relentless and unpredictable dynamics of groups and societal needs and expectations.

In every sphere of human life, even in the animal Kingdom, the importance of leadership cannot be overemphasized.
It is needed for the continuous existence and functioning of society.

Alfred Akorli ( Coordinator WiLeD)

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